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About Me

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Are you looking for ARTFUL TRAVEL REVIEWS that lead you from hidden budget gems to five-star destinations while at the same time offering you palate pleasing adventure, enjoyment, and story collection? You found Urban Backpacker, the best place for travel planning and adventuring. I write about favorite hotels, restaurants, shopping and “fun things to do” in cities all over the world.

My name is Rochelle Carr. I am the Urban Backpacker. I wear a drawstring backpack (or some sort of backpack), every day of the year, in any city I visit (or live in).

I am an artist, writer, poet, urbanite, food lover, wine connoisseur, hotel finder, mother of five (all out of the nest), and now full time adventurer and writer. I adore fashion, art, architecture, photography, finding the perfect gift, peace signs, hearts, interior design, movies, magazines, books, my family, my friends, and most places warm.

Years ago (in another life), I worked and breathed the hospitality industry while living onsite in a hotel in Paradise Island Bahamas as an Ex Pat. I have explored and experienced more than 30 countries from Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, Asia and all parts of the USA.

I carry a dual citizenship (after two years of hard work and research) with my Italian and US passports. I was a high tech sales and marketing person before I jumped into my fine art career. I have been an artist and writer for over eighteen years. I love being an “Urban Backpacker.”

Basically, I paint large canvases (, write poems, give good picture, write reviews, and hang with family. When I am not doing that, I go discover hidden gems of the world, and share them with you as a big important job I created for myself.

This blog is my opinion only. If I provide negative information, I apologize in advance, but it comes straight from the heart and personal life experiences.

I am (or used to be before the kids left home) incredibly creative in the kitchen. I still feed my people, yet now, after years of serving others, I am enjoying the art of finding interesting places to eat while appreciating being served and well fed.

I do not check my baggage unless I absolutely have to. I would rather schlepp my precious bags and backpack than have someone tell me that my comfortable clothes or toothbrush is missing for any length of time. I enjoy creature comforts.

This might surprise you…..I used to be a backpacker. I used to be a camper. Matter of fact, my big Italian family goes camping every year to a lake in Oregon and I NEVER EVER go. I do not find joy in sleeping on the dirt with family or friends after the darn hip replacement. I like glamping and hostelling because they have beds. Unless of course, you count staying in 4-5 star, Relais & Chateaux accommodations with feather beds, gourmet food, and incredible wine……camping.

Adventure lies not in the places we seek, but in the moments we create in
the places we treasure. –RMC