Ashland Winchester Inn

Winchester Inn and Restaurant by Rochelle CarrAshland Winchester Inn

Just back from a trip North delivering my artwork ( for a Children’s Cancer Association event and on the way up we stayed the night in Ashland OR. Just about every time we are on the way to Oregon we stop halfway for the night at this lovely Inn and Restaurant. The rooms are comfy and delightful. The food is amazing. The wine bar is warm and inviting. If you are not intending to see the Shakespeare Festival, you should – theatrical magic and mayhem.

The small problem on our road trip back to San Francisco is that they had no rooms available at the Ashland OR Winchester Inn and we had to stay at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Definitely not our favorite place, but we managed to acquire the last room in the house (when we were desperate and tired from driving) so we were not too bummed for the last minute tiniest room in the world. Plan ahead if you can. If you have to cancel you lose the deposit.

We had a delightful dinner at the Winchester on the way up to Oregon (food amazing every time), yet the return trip reservations were unavailable and our second favorite restaurant “Amuse Restaurant”  was totally booked as well. Amuse suggested the newest Ashland restaurant: Coquina which was good food, but not amazing food compared to the lovely Amuse or Winchester Inn. The spices/salad dressings were pretty plain and the rabbit dish had too many savory add in flavors for what should be a simple Italian dish. The service was fabulous! The wine list is FANTASTIC! If money is not an issue try the Cristom (Eileen vineyard) Pinot Noir – we shared this bottle for an after dinner delight. Ambiance is lovely. Neighborhood felt warm and inviting. You must try it all (the hotels, restaurants and charm of this city)…..variety is the spice of LIFE.



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