Auberge du Soleil – Queen for a Day! NAPA California

"Tres Fontina" Auberge du Soleil NAPA by Rochelle CarrA tranquil private Relais & Chateaux hideaway, delicately nestled between the olive trees with a picturesque and breathtaking valley of vineyards, and white country farms below.

Lose yourself in culinary delights, exquisite grape, fine art, and sculpture gardens laced with fountains at Auberge du Soleil NAPA.

Best Spa Napa – Auberge du Soleil

Dream your way down winding paths to a day of pampering and spa treatments blissing you into a well-deserved power of “Zen.” The spa is delightful, peaceful, and decadent. Top notch massage services and facials to rejuvenate the soul. Dip in the hot tub overlooking the valley after treatments. Enjoy a well-deserved power of “OM.” Your body will thank you.

Best Adventure Napa

When adventure starts calling or you need something special for a 50th birthday celebration, visit “Napa Valley Aloft” for an early morning up up up and awayyyyy and the best hot air balloon extravaganza you will ever experience. For those of you that dislike the early morning wake-up, a flight above the Napa Valley vineyards, is really is a sight to be seen, at least once in a lifetime. Laugh at yourself and go fast with “Segway Napa” while you sip and glide between your favorite grapes, historic trails and gifts of story.

Best Restaurants Napa

If you must step off property (and please trust me, there is no need), there are fine restaurants to tantalize and delight every palate on your 50th birthday week. Tried and true best bets remain with French Laundry, Ad Hoc, Redd, Morimoto Napa, and some might even enjoy Bottega.

“If you may, Auberge du Soleil…paint me another perfect day, and lead me now where the olive trees sway and I will dance and remain this way – a QUEEN at play.”  ~~RMC

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Napa by J. Scott Carr








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