Backpacker Poetry by Rochelle Carr

Backpacker Poetry "Urban Backpacker" by Rochelle Carr

Urban Backpacker


Travel on adventure friends,

Make it count from start to end.

Urban finds will blow your mind,

The country peeps are oh so kind.

Are you partial to land and coat?

Perhaps prefer a plane or boat?

Do you write, or show and tell,

Or share your voyage loud and well?

Talk not at all, if you so choose,

Explore yourself a quiet muse.

Walk the globe, with one or naught,

Pack on back, a school of thought.

Light or heavy, you decide,

Less is more, I must confide.

Travel deems a gypsy true,

Follow the path, one not in view.

Trust your gut to guide your sense,

And gifts of travel will commence.

Short or far the distance fine,

To live out loud, a heart doth shine.

Friends for life we travelers weave,

In “Worldwide Connection,” I do believe.

Guide us true the stars above,

Bring it on – good travel love.

Play the Urban Backpacker’s game,

Around the world, backpackers reign.

Wander well my trusted friends,

Around the world, and back again.


Definition of Urban Backpacker:

1. Of, relating to, or located in a city.

2. Backpacker redefined: Artful reviews that lead you from hidden budget gems to five-star destinations helping you find palate pleasing adventure, enjoyment, and story collection.

3. Pack bag. Travel there. See city. Eat food. Respect culture. Take picture. Share story. Be thankful. Repeat.