Bagni St. Anna & Sorrento Italy

Bagni St. Anna Sorrento Italy by Rochelle CarrOne of my favorite parts of the recent trip to Italy was walking the streets of Sorrento, and finding a special hidden gem I had once enjoyed a mere ten years ago. Bagni St. Anna was still sitting there, still darling, and still sunny and warm in September.

Bagni St. Anna in Sorrento still remains one of my favorite hidden budget gems.

It sits there, quite extended, on a rickety little dock in a quaint Sorrentine harbor. Enjoy the “piccolo perfetto” restaurant (always filled with locals so you know the food is good), and don’t pass up the sun chair rentals at the end of the dock (all day for a EU 6.00 fee) and yes, my dear friends, the swims in the sea are free.

Sorrento Italy Blue Boat  by J. Scott CarrI sat and enjoyed the sparkly blue of the water, the boats bobbing about in the harbor, the colorful clothes hanging from the windows (looking back towards the town), enjoyed some photography fun, and slowly sipped by my favorite Campari and soda with a slice of orange, as the Sorrentine sun heated my happy shoulders.

To my dismay, late last night, I arrived back home to San Francisco. This morning (still on New York time), wide eyed and bushy tailed at 4:30am, I once again catch myself  “morning dreaming” of Italy. The three week European vacation was fabulous and amazing, yet the minute I touch ground in the US of A, I am ready to go back to Italy. My family name “Zingarelli” means “gypsy” so, I really shouldn’t have come home at all. I would have been fine on the road just schlepping my tiny red bags on many more car, train, plane, taxi, or better yet, one of those darling Sorrentine boats in St. Anna.

My mother is Anna, my great Aunt is Anna, My great grandmother is Anna, and my Great Great Great Grandmother is Anna. All my Anna’s would be proud. Go Bagni St. ANNA!

Here are some lovely accommodations near Bagni St. Anna:

Romantic Fisherman’s Rental House on VRBO on the seafront overlooking Bagni St. Anna. Incredible place.

Perfect Sorrento four star Hotel Regina with ocean views – or not.

A favorite five star oceanfront Hotel Bellevue Syrene Relais & Chateaux property. Try the SPA.



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