Angelus: Best Restaurants in London

Escargot and Frogs Legs by Rochelle CarrFar more than stunning interior and mouth-watering cuisine, Angelus has become a “beloved secret hotspot” in London.

On a hidden corner of central London in the Bathurst/Bayswater area, just off the north western tip of Hyde Park, sits the secret French Restaurant “Angelus” by Thierry Tomasin.

Similar to the wardrobe in Narnia, within seconds you can escape the city to a bolt-hold of pleasure, where literally time stands still.

Dark wood, sumptuous fabrics and elaborate mirrors help create the atmosphere of an elegant brasserie. Hidden gem Angelus, prides itself on being an oasis of indulgence and tranquility in London. One of the City’s last remaining secret spots, Thierry’s Gallic passion, combined with award-winning cuisine, a formidable wine list, paired with a most excellent Hackney born chef (Joe Howley), Angelus, serves up an endearing and sumptuous French treat.

Archery TavernFormally the famed old “Archery Tavern” and covert meeting place for political figures such as Winston Churchill(he lived right down the street for four years), Angelus boasts elegant Art-Nouveau interiors which have been cleverly incorporated into the original architecture of this early 19th century building. (An Archery Tavern quote) “A since-vanished acquaintance of mine named Tom worked here, and was very good about not asking us for payment. Although he was sadly let go soon after just 3 days, and the pub has long since closed, it was a long weekend that will live on forever in our hearts. Especially the bit where Gordon stole a horse from the stables next door.”

Named after the Angelus Bell, this “brasserie de luxe” is located in one of London’s last working mews. Located next door to the Hyde Park Stables and just minutes from the Park itself, Angelus is is open from 10am until 11pm, seven days a week. It is the perfect place to enjoy an atmospheric lunch or dinner, a delicious brunch, or just a relaxing snack or glass of wine after a stroll through one of the most famous parks in London.

For restaurant Angelus, designers created quite the mesmerizing interior evoking the epoch of the Art Nouveau. Cleverly incorporated around the stringency of English listed building requirements, this French brasserie “de luxe” has been elevated from its origins as a traditional London pub. The interiors have been further enhanced by the use of bespoke silk lights, bringing more of the exotic “Indo Chine” feel to this classic early 19th Century building.

Angelus London Restaurant by Rochelle CarrIn the comfort of the Lounge area, situated behind the original mahogany bar, the hand stenciled walls and those bespoke silk lights, create quite the sensual and intimate space. The crushed velvet seating and soft lighting nods at the boudoir without ever being overstated. A truly memorable place for a romantic drink or just a coffee after a fabulous meal. For reservations click here. Bon Appetit!

********Update for 6/2/2015 – Went back to Angelus for dinner last night on a visit to London for four days. Still absolutely adore this restaurant! The staff is delightful, kind, and always smiling. The trout I had was a tad dry, but the asparagus a true feast for the senses. Our company enjoyed every bite, and we all finished with a strawberry souffle, a caramel tart to die for, cheese with chutney….and a 21 year Scotch Whiskey to further whet the palate! We will return on every trip to London. Thank you again Angelus!



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