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Sailing Charter San Juan Islands by Rochelle CarrEmerald Isle Sailing Charters

I absolutely love sailing. I used to own a sailboat in San Diego when my daughters were little. We went sailing every weekend in Mission Bay, and then out to the big ass deep blue water that scared me just a little.

I haven’t been certified as a sailing expert. The sailing certification license is on that infamous “bucket list” of mine. Truth be told, for three years straight, I was the hood (bow) ornament in my hip, chic, cool, white fringed, leather, bathing attire, and “THE food and drink goddess server” for every sailing excursion. It was the least I could do to help out. Needless to say, I spent most of my time sunning, and thanking the California weather gods for getting the wind in the right direction (most days).

My favorite thing is to live in hotels and plan amazing adventures for those special folks that I absolutely adore (myself included sometimes). You all know who you are. These adventures became the impetus for my new miracle travel site: “Urban Backpacker.”

One of the best trips I have planned (of all time) was hiring a week of this beautiful 54′ Sailing Yacht in the San Juan Islands with Emerald Isle Sailing Charters. Captain Dave Lutz – YOU will always remain my sailing hero.

Dave is an excellent captain, an ordained minister (performing the perfect sailing weddings), outdoor zen master, wildlife aficionado, hiker extraordinaire, and fantastic guitar player serenading the most incredible after dinner sunsets. We sang some good ole’ songs under the stars by candlelight!

The food is absolutely amazing every day! You might gain a few pounds with the five meals a day prepared by Chef Katy. Her delicious culinary skills rock unbelievable breakfasts, lunches, hors d’oeuvres, dinners and desserts. The galley is always stocked to each guests preferences while accommodating the diet restrictions of vegetarians, lactose free diets, gluten free diets, and any requests in between.

Sailing San Juan Plant by Rochelle CarrThe kayaking and hiking is wonderful and breathtaking. The wildlife is like nothing you will ever experience. Seals, Dolphins, whales, wolves, bears, a plethora of birds (I don’t even know the names of), and special rare plants (I am told we never ever see) that look like space creatures.

The season runs April through October so book early. The next trip, I will rent the entire boat for just the two of us for enjoying more space. The boat has reservations for six per excursion.

The sailing yacht NA’WALAK IS A KWAKWAK’WAKW  is a word that means “spirit of nature” and it will sail you safely into beautiful adventures:


San Juan Islands

Southern Great Bear Rain Forest

Northern Great Bear Rain Forest

Southeast Alaska

Kayaks Sailing San Juan by Rochelle CarrYou can book your chartered sailing trips in a variety of ways:

Scheduled Tours

Custom Itineraries

Day Charters

Cruise and Learn


You will never forget the beauty and “connected for life people love” on this wonderful journey. Thank you Dave. We will be back. Book Emerald Isle Sailing Charters here. ENJOY!

Here is the video of Emerald Isle Sailing Charters below:


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