Copenhagen – Dancing on the Ice

Hotel D'Anglterre Copenhagen by Rochelle CarrI visited Hotel D’Angleterre Copenhagen back in 2009 in the early winter. My most favorite “stumble upon” five star hotel and restaurant in Europe.

We remember dancing, void of any grace, (and sliding) on the ice as we entered this decadent morsel of a hotel. I almost slid into the night bellman. Oops! We arrived at about 1:30 am (after a blunder at another horrid hotel in town). I searched everywhere on the net to try and find someplace to rest our weary heads (after driving hours in the rain from Berlin). The front desk staff was delightful and welcoming even in the very wee hours of the morning.

Our room was blissfully decorated in classic interiors combined with today’s modern technology. The restaurant is SUPERB and worth the indulgence! The SPA and gym is intimate, yet had everything we needed for our daily workouts. The pool was a feast for the eyes, and the shopping down the block seemed to go on for miles. Don’t miss venturing off on side streets and visit the boutiques hidden behind the main strip – there are really some fabulous treasures. I found my favorite black boots at a cobbler on our shopping walk. ENJOY!


250 Years of History

Or more than a quarter of a millennium, Hotel D’Angleterre has been located on the King’s Square, Kongens Nytorv, in the heart of Copenhagen.  The hotel has been the site for legendary political and national events throughout Denmark’s history.

It was at Hotel D’Angleterre that the Danish politician and theologian, Ditlev Gothard Monrad, presented his draft of the new constitution to the lawmakers of the day on the 5th of June 1849.  The hotel has functioned as headquarters for generals and officers as well as an asylum for war refugees on a number of occasions.

The hotel has also withstood a massive fire, which not only was pivotal in changing the hotels architecture but also was responsible for the loss of noteworthy information such as the hotel’s guest books. The information that is available today pays tribute to the distinguished and historic figures that have often enjoyed the hotel’s facilities and hospitality.

What has carried Hotel D’Angleterre’s identity throughout the 250+ years from its beginning in 1755 is the founder’s, Jean Marchal, and his successors’ talent and sense for providing exceptional service, hospitality and comfort. This tradition is the foundation on which Hotel D’Angleterre is built.



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