Delmonico’s New York Financial District

Delmonicos New York - Financial District Restaurant

America’s First Restaurant

The Urban Backpacker had no idea where we were eating. It was one of those nights where I wasn’t that hungry, and I hadn’t previously researched where to enjoy the next evenings food adventure. My partner was extremely moody from the work day, and he definitely needed a good meal, and a few nice glasses of vino, to turn the day around. We walked towards Wall Street from the hotel, walking by pubs laced in fried food menu items, empty seats, and bored wait staff peering at us through tall windows. And then, round the corner, we happened right into Delmonico’s New York Restaurant in the Financial District! At first glance, I wasn’t sure if it was a private club, hotel or office building.

Delmonico's New York BarIt is a restaurant (possibly the very first restaurant in the USA), and we stayed for a magnificent dinner! Perusing the menu, I decided I was instantly hungry. Whether it is the first, or it isn’t the first American restaurant, doesn’t matter much to me. Delmonico’s New York shares a lovely history, beginning in 1837 with two Italian brother’s from Ticino, Switzerland. Unbeknownst to many, this famed New York restaurant is the home of some our country’s most favored dishes! Make a reservation for dinner – it will not disappoint! Book the private rooms for wedding receptions, executive gatherings, or private parties in luxuriously transformed event spaces, contemporary atmospheres, and a stunning private bar to boot.

Delmonico’s Firsts

The history of Delmonico’s New York includes many firsts. This notorious restaurant changed the history of our eating establishments and inspired new ways to dine. Here are a few of Delmonico’s New York Firsts below, and visit the restaurant website here for the extra historical dish!

First dining establishment to be called by its French name, “Restaurant.”

First to have a printed menu.

First to offer a separate wine list.

First to have a female cashier.

First restaurant to offer private dining rooms.

First to offer Eggs Benedict.

First home to the Delmonico Steak and the Delmonico Potatoes.

Delmonico's New York Urban BackpackerSuperb Dining Experience

From start to finish our dinner was impeccable. I enjoyed the beautiful five grain burrata salad, and the charred octopus appetizer ( both for the entrée), and the partner had the wild boar cavatelli. The wine list was lovely, and the wait staff was vibrant, respectful, and just charming. We did not try, the ever so popular, Chicken A La Keene from the 1880’s (read below). We did not enjoy the dessert either, yet the chocolate decadence picture, might encourage mouth watering for sweets. Urban Backpacker LOVES Delmonico’s!


Chocolate Dessert Delmonico's New York


Chicken A La Keene (KING)

Chicken A La Keene was created by French chef Charles Ranhofer at Delmonico’s New York in the 1880’s after Foxhall P. Keene, son of James R. Keene, “Silver Fox of Wallstreet.” Foxhall dreamed aloud his idea for the pimento laden cream sauce and voila, chef Ranhofer created the Delmonico’s famous, “Chicken a la Keene.” Later the dish was named a tad more regal in style………”Chicken a la King.”


Delmonico’s New York address: 56 Beaver Street New York, New York 10004 #212-509-1144

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