Dio Deka – Best Greek Restaurant South Bay

Dio Deka by Urban BackpackerLast week, at Restaurant Dio Deka, we enjoyed our seventh meal at this incredible restaurant. Decked out in our holiday finery, twelve of us ooohed and ahhhhhed over every perfect morsel of foodie goodness. We decided to sit in the main dining room, instead of the private rooms, and it ended up the perfect mix of bustle and chat around the table. We met the folks newest to the company, talked about our lives, our families, and our various holiday traditions. A night to remember, especially when you add the food, and the wine, to a fabulous holiday party!

The very special restaurant, Dio Deka and it’s Michelin star (click here), have knocked it out of the park once again!

“Dio Deka’s focus is the fine Hellenic cuisine served in a warm and relaxing setting with a commitment to old-world hospitality. The name Dio Deka stems from the restaurant’s address, 210, which reads Dio Deka in Greek. Coincidentally, 210 also happens to be the area code in Athens. The overriding value at Dio Deka is that of floxenia, the Greek word for traditional hospitality, in which a stranger, or xenos, is instantly made a friend, or filos after being welcomed into one’s home. For that reason, all five managing partners work as servers on the floor of the restaurant in addition to their management duties, helping to spread filoxenia among both the staff and guests.”

Dio Deka – Best Menu Choices

Dio Deka by Urban BackpackerThis food makes you happy. The food and the olives will transport you to Greece in an instant – right in the heart of Los Gatos. The ribs prefacing dinner are delicious, the three Greek spreads are divine, grilled octopus is so tasty, the salad okay, the lamb meatballs you will eat, and eat, and order more. If you can say the word, Spanakotiropita, then you must order it – we had three plates of these! The orzo pasta is a perfect accompaniment to any dish. The petite filet is melt in your mouth, and all the lamb dishes are a definite – MUST DO. They do have vegetarian options, but I would choose another restaurant for that. Meat lovers will croon over the choices here!

Dio Deka still remains my favorite restaurant in old Southie South Bay down in Los Gatos, CA. Please find the history of Los Gatos here – the old name of Los Gatos is: La Rinconada de Los Gatos (Cat’s Corner).

This restaurant and hotel offers space and service for corporate meetings and social dinners, to elaborate wedding ceremonies and receptions. They offer both indoor and outdoor settings in several private spaces. Located in the Main Villa, The Monte Sereno Room, consists of five (5) different salons that can be used as individual spaces for a small dinner party of 8 to 18 or combined to become a large ballroom accommodating 150 people for a seated dinner. At the back of the property, lies the Vasona Room – a 372 square feet executive style boardroom, with an adjoining balcony overlooking the poolside terrace. The poolside terrace and sophisticated courtyard can accommodate 60-150 guests. In addition to onsite catering, we are preferred vendors at the following local venues: Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos, and the Thomas Forgarty Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Additional Restaurant Choices South Bay

Manresa(click here) serves up exquisite haute cuisine, two Michelin Stars and my close second choice for a special occasion meal in the South Bay. Manresa is much, much more expensive than Dio Deka, yet still sublime, with four to five courses and smaller portions. Nick’s Next Door click here (the old Nick’s on Main grew out of it’s space) is another hidden gem, and there are a few hot new restaurant bites in LG that have just popped up that are on my list to try. If you would like to saunter over to Los Gatos sister town in Saratoga, please try Plumed Horse click here – this restaurant is another Michelin starred restaurant and a favorite for special occasions or business gatherings.

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