EIGHTIES SWAG at Seven Bar and Grill

Seven Bar and Grill by Rochelle CarrEIGHTIES SWAG at Seven Bar and Grill!

Walk out of Penn Station and walk yourself to this throwback hip swanky swag little SEVEN Bar and Grill. The food didn’t make me croon or crow, yet the eighties swag music made me shake my booty in my booth!  I mouthed the words to my favorite disco and funk songs as I downed the greasy little ducky tacos and the burnt to a crisp chicken empanadas. BEST little dive in NEW YORK because of the vibe and location and 10+ walkable to or from Penn Station.

After a few drinks watching your favorite game or jamming to your favorite song… me, you just won’t care about the food. Please don’t forget to look up…..the chandeliers will knock your socks off as you glide right off your seat for the next tasty libation. Packed at happy hour so get there early. If you are looking for tranquility or to chat about the weather without yelling – this is not the place. If you wanna sing in your seat – yep! There are spicy men that gaze and graze so be careful (OR NOT) my ladies….



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