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Emma Joe Loves Life by Rochelle CarrA Very Very Special Handbag, Perfume and Jewelry Boutique.

Some days when you feel lost, life shows up and finds you very very special, beautiful, sparkly things! Walking the streets of The Hague I found my new favorite store. Or should I say “Emma Joe Loves Life,” found me. I was lost, walking in Den Haag trying to locate where I was after the wild goose chase looking for power adapters. Then, out of nowhere, (my loving life and loving hearts self) looked up and voila, there I was with handbag and jewelry GOODNESS!

I was not lost. I was in shopping heaven. Emma Joe Loves Life Heaven. Sparkle and best smells heaven. Good people heaven.

Don’t just take my word for it. You have to see this place to believe it. The outside window dressing is a showstopper. The positive vibe throughout the boutique will make your heart skip a beat, and place (on your face) a grand Cheshire cat perma-smile for all to enjoy. The wide selection of handbags are fabulous, the perfumes are divine, mysterious, and sensual. The “bright loft style warehouse feel” reminds me of our San Francisco hip and cool.

I purchased a small perfume for myself from Barcelona, Spain. I have been traveling Europe for three weeks and hadn’t one gift to take home for a keepsake. I intended on buying dinnerware in Italy somewhere, but it just never happened. Here at “Emma Joe Loves Life” I happily purchased two, very very very special, treats for myself.

Servane Gaxotte at Emma JoeThis past June I was in Paris and stumbled into, a very special jewelry artist, named Servane Gaxotte. It was just another very special day (with my sister and niece) wandering the streets of some fine country. Ms. Gaxotte creates little tiny sparkly mice, kitty cats, and girl necklaces, dresses them up in couture clothing, with the tiniest of rhinestones, and little shiny objects of interest. My sister talked me out of buying one. I actually fell in love with it – if you can fall in love with, “A THING.” Being an artist myself, I enjoy whimsical, artistic, hand made creations and anything with sparkle and shine. Lo and behold, as I was sniffing away at Emma Joe’s trying to pick my perfect Spanish sexy scent – I saw Ms. Gaxotte’s very special designs from across the room. OH MY GAWD. I was so excited I could scream. Thankfully, for the gals behind the counter, I didn’t indulge my inner joy scream. I carefully, happily, chose myself a perfect little dressed up mouse (with a rhinestone dress) in honor of my daughter, as she has (for some reason unbeknownst to me) nicknamed her daughter, “MOUSE.” I decided, (after spending some good loving cash on a tiny beautiful little creature) that I will be collecting these very very special designs for my granddaughters, and save them for gifts for when they are adults. A beautiful piece of art keepsake on a chain. Oh HAPPY DAY!

Visit Emma Joe Loves Life and buy yourself some perfect SHOPPING HAPPY! There are prices for everyone. The lovely women behind the brand are delightful, unobtrusive and very very special themselves. Love life and Love EMMA JOE’s! You will love this place. Trust me.


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