Fairmont Royal Pavilion – Barbados

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados by Urban BackpackerFebruary delivers (some of us) cold weather blues, laced with tropical dreams and a paradise reprieve. Are you tired of the cold winter icy greys, and steam on the breath? Indulge yourself, and step into steamy hot temperatures, and crystal clear waters to swoon over. The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados, a newly renovated hotel, touts a fabulous vacation, and lives up to four star (not five star) expectations. Perfect location, amazing beach, and the water sports are fantastic! Turtles galore! It is a place to relax, unwind and live “Island Kine.” The island is petite, yet packs a grand punch with activities, fabulous restaurants, and beaches to knock the clothes right off you. A perfect Valentine’s Day secret that will not disappoint.

If you are looking for five star service and food, book yourself at the Sandy Lane down the street if you have the extra big bucks. It looks marvelous, private, and elegant. Fairmont Royal Pavilion is a close second with service behind the Sandy Lane, yet the staff at the Fairmont are wonderful and kind (especially at the breakfast restaurant)!

Fairmont Royal Pavilion – Off Property Restaurants

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion dinner restaurants did not impress. The prices did not serve up the quality of food we expected from a five star establishment. Breakfast will encourage lingering over the morning island specialties, with the ocean practically kissing your ankles. Sip cocktails, and enjoy the steel drums in the background at evening happy hour, as you gaze into your partners eyes……you might not need dinner after those pretty colored umbrella drinks and snacks….but just in case you do, do yourself a favor and go to Tides Restaurant (waterfront) and art gallery for the best food on the island! Do not pass up the Little Sticky Toffee Pudding cake – this will cap off your evening “delectable meter.”

Do not go to Spago or Il Tempio if you want Italian food. Go for a beer (wine list not good), they are both on the water, and the view is nice.

Do not go to Zen for sushi at Cranes Beach it’s not great, not on the water, and Cranes Beach 45 minutes away by car from Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados.

Definitely go to waterfront restaurant in Christ Church – Tapas great appetizers and wine list. Walk down the beach from Fairmont to Lonestar Restaurant  for lunch on the water.

Fairmont Royal Pavilion – Activities

If you rent a glass boat on the beach for snorkeling (on any island beach) make sure you get the biz card, name of the boat, and the name of the guy who will pick you up. The boat guys try to steal customers and will show up luring you gracefully on to their boat. If someone is trying to sell you coconuts as you lay dreaming on the beach in the Barbados sun, they are trying to sell you Mary what? Yep, you guessed it – just send them packing!

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Turtle by Urban BackpackerIt is easy and safe walking to town and grocery stores. Definitely rent a car. Go see Harrison’s Cave (a fantastic little train tour through the caves) and bring a hat for the dipping water. The ocean water is a clear gem of a bathtub and you will SWIM, SWIM, SWIM and FLOAT, FLOAT, FLOAT in this crystal blue salty mermaid paradise!


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