Golden Gate Park Hidden Budget Gem

Golden Gate Park Stow Lake by Rochelle CarrAdventure Day San Francisco


Have you ever woken up and just needed something fun and unique to do with your kids, your partner, by yourself, or with visiting family or friend people?

I have the perfect day trip idea! Two dollars on the Muni Metro buys you a ticket to ride all the way to Golden Gate Park. GO TO STOW LAKE. It is a true hidden budget gem day you will never forget!

I spent yesterday enjoying a perfect splendorous daytime adventure at Golden Gate Park at “Stow Lake” in San Francisco. I packed a nice picnic, including a nice bottle of vino (mine is an adult picnic), curried chicken sandwiches with thinly sliced avocado, water, big Anthony seedless grapes, and special cookies just because I enjoy treats when I walk a long while. I threw it all inside my trusted purple drawstring backpack and was on my way.

I was needing a break from my beloved urban San Francisco jungle, a way out of my 40th story (apartment in the sky) in downtown SF, and walked and rode our super cool cheap Muni Metro (towards a quiet relaxing day of respite) into the fragrant dark green eucalyptus trees and a secret hidden “Stow Lake” of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Muni Metro N Line will take you to Irving and 19th……or perhaps it could be a few stops before or after. Just rrrrrring that BELL! Walk yourself to the park – AND ENJOY! Walk around, head to the Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco Botanical Garden, the museums, or just sit on a bench and watch the passersby. Head to Stow Lake Boathouse and rent a row boat, a pedal boat, or an electric boat – it is so much fun! The little kids or big adult kids will love this!

I was so happy to have stumbled onto such a wonderful fantastic relaxing superb day at our SF Golden Gate Park. You will not be disappointed. Take a picnic, have a family reunion, plan a perfect birthday party, or just treat yourself to a day of boats and birds. Your people will thank you. ENJOY!





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