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Middlepath Acupuncture by Rochelle Carr

Best Acupuncture Financial District San Francisco.

A respectful, kind, caring, and intuitive healer, is how I would describe our favorite Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Doctor, Adam Wiscomb.

I have been visiting Adam for over a year now. With the assistance of needles, special golden ear beads, massage (he is a licensed massage therapist), and gentle guidance and expertise with Chinese herbs, Adam has encouraged my body to heal and repair colds, coughs, bronchitis, neck pain, healing after surgery, and lack of sleep issues from extensive travel.

“The practice of acupuncture began at the very early stages of human history, and, like all the other components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its techniques have undergone more than 3,000 years of development and refinement. Acupuncture, one branch of TCM, is itself a complete medical system that is used as a means of treating and preventing diseases through the application of needles to specific points on the body. It operates upon two fundamental concepts: first, there is Yin and Yang energies in the body that need to be in balance for there to be good health. Secondly there is vital energy or qi (pronounced “chee”) that flows along specific pathways or meridians that traverse the entire body. This unimpeded energy flow promotes and maintains health, while any stagnation of qi can lead to disease. Acupuncture needles are applied at acupuncture points on the appropriate meridians to unblock congested qi or to strengthen a weakness of qi in that meridian, in turn reducing symptoms, improving vitality and aiding the body to heal itself naturally.”

For Adam, Middle Path Acupuncture is an approach to a life of optimal health.  He has reduced the focus of his treatments to three stages: Balance, Harmony and Vitality – Balance is healing what is injured, draining what is congested and nourishing what is weak. Harmony is reestablishing the proper relationships between the energies of the affected meridians. Vitality is the feeling of physical and mental comfort while encouraging the healing experience and making progress with you towards individual optimal health.

Adam is perfect for the world traveler or permanent resident in San Francisco. His office hours will support hotel visits or house calls in addition to offering online or email scheduling for his Financial District office. Your body will thank you, and you will thank Middle Path Acupuncture! Enjoy and heal.

Adam Wiscomb, M.S., Dipl. O.M., C.M.T., L.Ac.

115 Sansome Street Suite 807
San Francisco, CA 94104

Adam Wiscomb

Middle Path Acupuncture 2 By Rochelle Carr



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