Hilton The Hague Hotel and Executive Apartments

Hilton The Hague 1 by Rochelle CarrTravel voters are saying that Hilton The Hague hotel, is bar none, “The BEST hotel in the Netherlands.”

A mere thirty minute ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, this contemporary red hot  Hague Hotel, shares top notch customer service skills, and the “highest happiness and charm factor” of any place I have been on the planet. I bet you didn’t know that they have two and three bedroom executive rental apartments to lease by the night (or longer term) for business or family travel. The hotel restaurant, and room service menus are both fantastic options if you don’t want to wander into town. The executive lounge with incredible views and a lovely sun deck (for summer months) offers breakfast, coffee, espresso and snacks in the day, and wine and cheese till the late evening hours.

I arrived early on the train to the Hague the first morning from Brussels. The metro station houses my favorite bike storage views (see below). We don’t enjoy this same incessant amount of bike riding in the states, yet for some reason, I appreciate witnessing folks ride a plethora of bikes, while keeping our planet healthy and bodies healthy at the same time.

Jacky, (my delightful morning host and Hilton Honors Manager) in the Executive lounge on the 5th floor, made sure I was comfortable and delivered a lovely cappuccino before my room was ready. She took me outside on the deck to enjoy the view of the Peace Palace and shared stories about the local area. I will say one word to my new friend Jacky: “GRATEFUL.”

There was an unfortunate mishap for the techy travel writer (me). In all the travel bustle, I had forgotten my wall adapter for the Netherlands. I had to call the front desk and find out where I could find something to charge my dead computer, (and almost dead as a doornail) cell phone. Not good. I was exhausted. It was a cloudy kind of non descript day. I was feeling kind of punky from all the planes, trains, autos, taxi’s, and boat I had taken in the past four days. I was not motivated for city walking. I was however, motivated, to find myself power for the MAC gadgets. The very literal “power walk” won out.

Linda G., my new BFF (at the front desk), helped with paper maps and directions to find power at the Media Markt (The Hague version of our Office Depot), tour ideas, history of the hotel, and wonderful information for me to write about. I appreciate the time and energy (on the telephone during the day and during my quick visit to the front desk) that she took to talk about her hotel and offer such useful information. Linda’s outgoing kindness, and smiling happy demeanor was quite contagious for the weary traveler (me). Two words to my new friend Linda: “YOU ROCK!”

I made it to Media Markt via paper maps, iPhone navigation, and kind biker man help. I made it to the main center after that. Walked through darling shopping areas, cafe’s and bought some lovely things at a wonderful handbag, jewelry, and perfume store. It is so peaceful here. Guess that’s why they built the Peace Palace. 🙂 See my map below for the “must do” shopping street.

Thank you for the generous hospitality and kindness your fabulous hotel offers it’s guests on a daily basis. Thank you to the happy smiling people of the Netherlands! Sending a big “Dank u wel” ~~from the Urban Backpacker!

See the post on my favorite handbag, perfume and jewelry boutique: “Emma Joe Loves Life.”

Here are a few “things to “do if you are staying or visiting The Hague (DenHaag):

Underwater Sea Life

Omniversum Imax Dome Theater

Prison Gate Museum

Beelden Aan Zee Sculpture Museum

Royal Picture Gallery (currently under renovation)

Panorama Mesdag (The Mesdag Collection)

Old Town The Hague






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