Capo la Gala Hotel Vico Equense & Sorrento

Capo la Gala Daytime by J. Scott CarrCapo la Gala serves up a fabulous five star location.

This incredible hotel has a five star staff, and an unforgettable five star sunset on the Mediterranean.

The sound of the waves against the shore will relax every tired travel bone in your body for hours on end. This blue and white hotel darling is nestled perfectly into the cliff’s edge and is quite the destination point. Enjoy the two beautiful pools at your leisure, (a small saltwater and warmish pool in the spa) and outside you will find (kissing the ocean’s edge) a larger icy cold pool with thermal run off from the mountains. Both pools are a perfect compliment to a hot day, and that gorgeous tan you will work on during your visit.

The spa massage services are delightful at Capo la Gala. Christel, the lovely spa therapist from the Netherlands, will deep tissue rub you all the way to heaven!

A small gift store to the right of reception to buy glassware, ceramic sea creatures, and local art. The colorful fine art on the hotel’s walls were customized for the hotel with a local designer and a wonderful Sorrentine artist – Rosa Linda Acampora.

There are two downsides to this lovely hotel I must impart below:

1. Capo la Gala is not walkable to the town of Vico Equense or Sorrento. It is situated just north of Vico Equense and in traffic it is just under thirty minutes from Sorrento. The hotel does offer several shuttle bus times to the small town of Vico Equense. The traffic picks up to a crawl down the Amalfi Coast, so plan your day trips early if you decide to venture out from the hotel. We actually planned a day trip and drove down around the south side (starting near Salerno Sud) and cruised up the coastline starting from the town of Vietri. The next day we toured Sorrento.

2. The room accommodations are definitely not five star quality, yet they are comfortable and relaxing. The linen sheets were scratchy, the room lamps and room fixtures need updating, and the shower was lukewarm shifting to cold in room 203. Reception upgraded us, not having another room option available when we changed the dates of our stay, (for 100 EU) on the last night to a room with a hot tub on the deck in room 209. Gratefully, the morning shower was working with hot water in room 209.

The upgraded room would have been so nice to enjoy, and we would have gladly (justified the extra 100 EU upgrade), if it was literally “a HOT tub.” Incidentally, they do not heat the water, so it was in fact, “a freezing COLD tub” on the deck at the oceans edge. Nice to look at in early September. I suppose in the heat of August, with a sun drenched body, I might have welcomed the freezing cold tub on the deck. In addition, room 209 smelled like sulfur from the cold outdoor tub, so we were not able to enjoy the patio lounge chairs as we did the previous three nights in room 203. Housekeeping neglected to re-fill the amenities in the bathroom for our last nights stay. Definitely not the five star experience we had expected.

All in all, it was a lovely four day vacation, with picture perfect sunsets, good food, and fantastic service. Enjoy heading Up Up Up the mountain to:  Monte Faito Italy – The Day I kissed the sky.

Visit the fabulous website at Hotel Capo la Gala here.


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