Hut One Hut Two Hut Three – Hike

Dwight LoweryNope, this post is not about the rap song with the same name. This post is all about my week in Jacksonville and football stuff.

The only reason anyone in their right mind would go to Jacksonville Florida when it’s one-hundred-and-six-trillion-hot degrees out is to visit family or very, very, very, close friends! It’s so hot in Jacksonville I couldn’t even walk outside without sweat beads gathering on my upper lip. EWE. Yep, I was visiting family.

My son-in-law Dwight Lowery is a Jacksonville Jaguar. This is one of my favorite football photos of him. He is an NFL starting FREE Safety (I just learned his proper football position). I was just out to visit during this years training camp.

What I didn’t have was refreshing cold crisp San Francisco air that week and what I did have was a plethora of full time air conditioning at the breakfast spot Corner Bistro (prefaced with Starbucks) for ICED coffee and teas. Four great dinner restaurants in Southside and Riverside: Three Forks (higher end and a tad dressy), J. Alexanders (near a mall), Black Sheep, and Orsay (like something out of French New Orleans) with gluten free menu options.

Two hotel options: One on the higher end and downtown Jacksonville with rooftop pool at the Omni Hotel and then lower budget option at more of a small business park feel at Hotel Indigo Tapestry Park.

Found a brand new fabulous nail salon at Tapestry Park strip mall with art and clothes and fabulous hand and foot extravaganza at Therapy Nails, and a spa next door in the same mall for Pilates and massages at Changes in Motion. Low budget sandwich options were in the same strip mall at Jimmy Johns for a fast hoagie.

Next trip to Jacksonville Florida (when it cools down a tad) I have these three things to do: 1. Dress for success and (don’t wear Nike sweats) at Latitude Thirty Luxury Bowling and Entertainment Center for date night. 2. A zip line over a gator swamp in St. Augustine. 3. GAME DAY AT THE JACKSONVILLE JAGS!

Check out this article on the history of the words hut one hut two hut three and hike!


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