Life Wish List 2015 – Free Download

Life Wish List 2015 by Urban Backpacker

“Wealth and Wellness”

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I believe 2015 will be a fruitful, creative, and adventurous year for the “Urban Backpacker” in all of us. It’s your life, and it’s your big beautiful backpack of thoughts, words, and intentions that will gladly fill you up, or deplete you (while sitting there inside your pack) every day, every month, and every year for the rest of your life.

You choose how you fill your own backpack every day. You choose how you unpack it. The following list of questions (below) are helpful reminders and (words used as tools and goal setting ideas), to guide you through your own inner journey of self-exploration, learning, growing, giving (or not giving), receiving, listening, loving (or not loving), choosing, and letting go.

Below in red, I offer you a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Life Wish List 2015, a worksheet for your own yearly backpacking adventures. If you would like a friend to have it, please forward them to my website to click away themselves.

Everyone needs helpful reminders to what heals us, challenges us, and inspires us to do good things for ourselves and for others. I work on this list throughout the year. I re-work it and re-shape it – like hands on clay. I feel better about life when I am putting energy into creating a better me!

After I write my title, and place all my life wishes on my new 2015 worksheet, I create my yearly Vision Board like I created for 2014!

Life Wish List Vision Board 2014 by Urban Backpacker

What will your Life Wish List 2015 say? How will you reinvent, re-imagine, or re-sculpt your own backpack this year? How much will you carry? How much will you unpack? How much will you throw away?

May you travel a well loved, and a well lived life!

~~Rochelle Carr (Urban Backpacker)


“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” ~~Henry David Thoreau


****Urban Backpacker Life Wish 2015 List Free Worksheet

Download (click here)****


Life Wish List 2015

Title for Your Year

1. What is the TITLE for your new 2015 restart year?
My title for my Life Wish List 2015 is: “Wealth and Wellness”

My Year: “A year of meditation, hiking, a class at Esalen, a new job at a fabulous vacation rental company, letting go, making wine, growing bigger gardens, painting/sculpting a piano for CCA, a heart and abstract art show in February at Michael’s on Main, budgeting, debt free, and 7 year retirement focused.”



2. How will you connect, volunteer or contribute to your COMMUNITY?


 Physical Body and Future Health

3. How will you honor your PHYSICAL BODY AND FUTURE HEALTH?



4. How will you nurture your own SPIRITUALITY?


Friends and Fun

5. How will you connect with FRIENDS AND/OR HAVE FUN?
****Would like to meet six new people this year and create lasting friendships. Have met four new friends already! (Feb 28th, 2014


Work Goals

6. What are your WORK goals for this year?


Financial Growth

7. What is important regarding your FINANCIAL GROWTH this year?


 Personal Growth

8. What will you learn this year? How will  you inspire your own PERSONAL GROWTH?



9. How will you connect with FAMILY?

Last year, I sent packages all year long to my darling grandchildren. I chat on Skype with them. They will not forget me.


 Take Your Breath Away/Challenging

10. What will you do this year that TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY or feels CHALLENGING?


2014 Wrap Up

Last year, I did not get to India. I did not travel the Camino del Santiago. My son injured himself  big time, so we never made the backpacking trip through Europe. Last year – We bought an incredible mountain vineyard home, made gardens, made incredible new friends,  I lost weight. 5.75 pounds. Not much, but a start, and I still feel great! I committed to exercise regularly 3/4 times a week and still do it! I made it to New York a few times, Hawaii, and Portland – when I donated fabulous heart paintings to the Children’s Cancer Association.

This year, I have just accepted a fabulous new job, I will go on a “family” mother- sister-niece-daughter trip to Santa Fe, learn to play my new Christmas guitar, meditate, have no hip pain because I am lifting weights, and plan an adventure trip to take my breath away!

CHEERS to 2014! Hello to 2015!


Definition of Urban Backpacker:

1. Of, relating to, or located in a city.

2. Backpacker redefined: Artful reviews that lead you from hidden budget gems to five-star destinations helping you find palate pleasing adventure, enjoyment, and story collection.

3. Pack bag. Travel there. See city. Eat food. Respect culture. Take picture. Share story. Be thankful. Repeat.