Millenium Hilton

Millenium Hilton Big Apple by Rochelle CarrI LOVE NEW YORK!

Love everything about it. I am here for a week of BIG APPLE food and Broadway show extravaganza. Just because I live in a high rise in San Francisco it didn’t mean I was ready to step it up to the 53rd floor all just yet. They weren’t joking when they told me I was upgraded. UP UP AND AWAYYYYYYYY……

The Millenium Hilton pulls no punches boasting it’s 55 stories and 588 feet of Financial District real estate prowess. Luckily, the elevators sashay your sassy self so quickly skywards you forget you are really almost kissing the clouds. Willy Wonka’s glass elevator has nothing on these guys.

This is not a five star hotel. If you want luxury you know where to go and you know how to spend your money. Don’t complain! Lot’s of people do amazing talented things in this city of sparkle and shine. The lobby bar is a perfect snack and libation station. Hotel restaurant not so hot. Eat breakfast or a have your quick business meeting and you won’t care about the food. Taxi or walk anywhere. Plan ahead for traffic or use Uber Taxi app on the iPhone.

See “Kinky Boots” on Broadway! My new favorite and even if you don’t wear (two foot hot sparkly red patent boots) by the end of the show every man woman and child will want a pair! BTW – I need her red sequin BIG APPLE sparkle dress of love.

Cheers New York! You make a girl proud.



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