Modena Italy Three Best Tours

Cool Ferrari in Modena Blog Post by Rochelle CarrWe made it to Modena Italy from Zurich Switzerland! I am in my homeland. I am a happy tired camper. These are our three favorite tour choices in Modena!

Here is the hidden gem Una Hotel Modena we loved so much!

Best Tours in Modena

The Official Ferrari Museum Tour

HOLY FERRARI LOVERS! Look no further for “things to do” during your stay in Modena! Red Hot Ferrari’s to ogle and dream about. Walk the showrooms and take the guided tour. Being a lover of horses, and everything red and gold, I was interested in how the Ferrari logo came about. Check out the history of the Ferrari logo here.

The Museum exhibition area is spread over 6 main halls and also includes more than 500 square metres of other areas offering different services such as the Ferrari Store, the café, a professional driving simulator and special photo ops point.

Hombre Organic Parmesan Cheese Tour

This tour was suggested on the day we left Modena, I am so sad not to have gone to taste the amazing production of special parmesan and learn the craft of farming and cheese making. This tour is on my list when I return to Modena in the near future!

Hombre Farm was established and developed during the early eighties, starting with just from a handful of cows and about 20 hectares of land. The farm soon flourished and grew quickly from a simple part-time activity for owner Umberto Panini (he initially wanted to make an outstanding Parmigiano for his family and friends), to a consolidated, full-time business. In next to no time it became a dairy showcase and was clearly set to become the sizeable farm it is today.

Villa San Donnino Tour

The Art and culture of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Italy

Everyone must experience this tour. It really speaks to the history and culture of Modena and some will insist it is the birthplace of balsamic vinegar. A family tradition of three generations, this fine delicacy (and tour) will warm your heart (and your pocketbook). You will not be able to leave without purchasing a gift of balsamic for your own kitchen! ENJOY!

Here is a You Tube video of Villa San Donnino below:




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