Pescara Italy Le Terrazze Roof Garden Restaurant

Pescara Italy by Rochelle CarrUrban Backpacker’s favorite hidden gem view restaurant in Pescara, Italy.

At Le Terazze Roof Garden we found a sweet slice of sky (and heaven) in Pescara Italy. Driving the Adriatic coastline and on the way to a nights stopover in Rimini, we tried “Yelping” ourselves a restaurant in every tiny town we were passing. No cigar. Not happening. Two hours later I found Pescara. Pure magnifico! Beautiful waterfront city with lounge chairs galore. So quiet in September. Hidden gem town, and never even knew it existed! Beautiful boardwalk. Perfect for family vacations. Found a darling perfect Rooftop Restaurant.

Aside from the Big Italian Wedding going on in the private room outdoors, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. The handsome restaurant manager Ivan, opened the dining room balcony just for us. I enticed him with the batting eyes, “I am Italian, and please please will you feed us, I came all the way from San Francisco just to eat your delightful food?” I left out the part that I would have eaten off his right arm if he said NO – I was THAT flipping hungry, and oh so tired of PRINGLES and PANINI.

The cool blue glass with sparkling wine arrived just as we sat down. Cool breezes and that view – WOWZA.

Nice way to break up an eight hour road trip that looked like dry and dismal Fresno or Bakersfield California. The highway laced olive tree farms, and small rolling hill towns, were the saving grace and “best redeem factor” all the way up the coast from Bisceglie. Nope, that trip not on the itinerary ever again. I was slightly peeved we drove across Italy to the other side. Shoulda, woulda, coulda done Rome and Florence. I just HAD to see where my ancestors were from.

The poached fish with sliced crispy potatoes and a simple broth to soften and sate, quickly turned my frown UPSIDEDOWN. What gracious lovely hosts for a two hour seafood extravaganza and bottle of vino we just had to endure. I love Italian food. Any damn day of the week. Go to Pescara. Stay in Pescara or go north of Pescara the entire Adriatic road trip. Eat well. Be well.

Stay here at this Hotel Victoria in Pescara – simply the best in the city.

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