San Jose Art Classes – Juicy Soul Retreat

San Jose Art Classes 1 by Urban BackpackerMost of you know I am a whimsical fine artist, and that I also have this “gypsy girl” lust for travel thing inside me as the Urban Backpacker. I travel for enjoyment, to write and share, I hop along on the partner’s business trips, and I love to learn new things.

Last Sunday I was able to check the friend and art (and travel to the art) stuff off my 2014 Life Wish List!

The Urban Backpacker (that’s me), traveled south to the most incredible San Jose Art Classes at “A Work of Heart Studio” taking an all day “art journal creation workshop” with a girlfriend (and eight women), at the one and only – Juicy Soul Retreat! Half the reason I even signed up for this class – was the NAME of the retreat! Who doesn’t want a JUICY SOUL? I do.

We enjoyed a fabulous day of exploration, collaboration, new techniques, life stories, creative words, stenciling, and secret tips. Andrea and Julie are amazing artful teachers and they kindly shared their love for art, knowledge of color blending, creativity, and pages and pages of their own mixed media treasures. Don’t forget your pocket mulah to purchase the rockin stencils and inks and paints and baubles and trinkets and antique papers and ribbons on the other half of the studio!

I cannot tell you how much joy I felt (and still feel), after spending a day with these wonderful women with such creative hearts! It feels delightful to encourage and support fellow artists in San Jose Art Classes (Juicy Soul Retreat) while we all braved masterfully though our own inner adventures with new artsy tools and new paths to self. How freeing it was to check out of the family or life obligations and just play. How beautiful to travel the day, in blessed lost hours, with my hands in paint. I was like a little kid sopping up all that juicy information and delightful new “ephemera” in our new box of goodies. My soul still feels juicy happy every time I look at the cover of my journal.

Below you will find links to additional San Jose Art Classes, and Art Journal Mixed Media Books I have just purchased on Amazon as soon as I returned home! Enjoy backpacking through your own art creations!



Additional San Jose Art Classes:

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Higher Fire Clayspace and Gallery

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San Jose Museum of Art – Two Part Art Classes

Bay Area Glass Institute

Tamz Jamz Music

Camp Captivate


Art Journal Books:

Art Journal Freedom

Creating Art at the Speed of Life – Thirty Days of Mixed-Media Exploration

Journal Spilling Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression

1000 Artist Journal Pages – Personal Pages and Inspiration

101 Mixed-Media Techniques

The Art of Whimsical Lettering





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