The Proof is in the Pudding

Bottino Night GardenLast night we ate ourselves into Chelsea NYC. Best Restaurants New York – Bottino! Hip and chic Italian minimalist modern décor, outdoor garden seating with candles aglow and tons of happy eating people just like us. We were all there for a good wine, a great chew (the foodie kind) and some sort of after dinner delicacy.

It’s all food and saucy Italian hip ambiance here. The beet salad was simple and good, the caprese salad just okay, and the tuna tartare definitely a must do. Lasagna was amazing, both steaks melt in your mouth and cooked to perfection. The mushroom pasta with artichokes went down perfectly al dente and divine.  Please order the crème caramel pudding extravaganza. Please do not indulge in the dry hard chocolate hazelnut tart with gelato.

After all our chew……I simply knew……THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! Five of us dipped and dodged our spoons into this beautiful dish of creamy chocolate goodness and white whip fit for GODS.  We are DEMI GODS living happily ever pudding after.  Think PROOF. Eat the Pudding. Enjoy!




Definition of Urban Backpacker:

1. Of, relating to, or located in a city.

2. Backpacker redefined: Artful reviews that lead you from hidden budget gems to five-star destinations helping you find palate pleasing adventure, enjoyment, and story collection.

3. Pack bag. Travel there. See city. Eat food. Respect culture. Take picture. Share story. Be thankful. Repeat.