Things to do in San Francisco – UP UP and AWAYYYY!

Things to do in San Francisco by Urban BackpackerThe Urban Backpacker has secretly, always, wanted to fly. You are about to explore the Bay Area’s favorite flying tours and adventures! Things to do in San Francisco, will definitely kick up the thrill factor in your life just by reading about these high flying SKY activities.

These adventures are by no means something the Urban Backpacker is suggesting you experience (or try), without your own extensive research and self exploration. I am solely offering in this post, a few resources and links of adventures (in and around the SKY), that some of you might find enjoyable or exhilarating. I have experienced some of these “things to do in San Francisco,” and I am still waiting to add more stuff to my own new “SKY list” below. My hip is still healing from the surgery last year, and my doc won’t allow heavy duty impact. A person can surely dream about new adventure…

Up Up and Awayyyyy

The Urban Backpacker is not a morning person. However you must take note – that this trip guarantees you will be a (morning person convert) for a day, or possibly two days in a row – if the wind is not absolutely right. This low flying/high flying favorite tour in the SKY, is one of UBP’s favorite “things to do in San Francisco,” and anywhere on the planet, for that matter. A favorite “thing to do” for a fiftieth birthday surprise. A favorite thing to do for an anniversary or wedding proposal. A favorite thing to do for ROMANCE. Call for a ride in this beautiful sublime basket of SKY LOVE, and click here for an incredible hot air balloon ride over the grapes with Napa Valley Aloft!

Take Flight

Planes are incredible majestic machines. In 1903 the Wright brother’s were the first to create and fly the first successful airplane. Click here for fun facts and information about the first airplane invented.

Would you like to learn how to fly? Has it been on your wish list to pilot a plane and gallivant the friendly skies? Would you like to gift flight lessons to someone special? Or rent a plane and tour the city for the day? Click here to try on a fabulous sky time adventure with Advantage Aviation. Be safe, take flight, and spread your wings a little! What about a helicopter ride? Would you, could you, hop a scenic heli ride over the peaks and valleys in the bay area? Is a helicopter scenic tour on your surprise birthday bucket list? Click here for the history and fun facts of the first helicopter. Are you a production company needing aerial photography for that high speed chase scene over the Golden Gate Bridge? It’s an amazing ride! Click here for Klaus Chalupa’s helicopter pilot lessons and tours.

Wind Beneath Your Wings

This next adventure link, is BIG BIG BIG on the Urban Backpacker “Life Wish List.” It won’t happen this year, yet perhaps, it will happen in the next few years, (or decades). This trip is a “must do,” so I can faithfully conquer my big ole’ fear of heights. I would like to start at the indoor one, and head to the outdoor one, after it feels like the very big fat adrenaline rush – has subsided. In addition, my “brave-oh-my-god-I-just-did-that- factor” will go up with each of these activities. Fly away big human birdies! Click here to explore INDOOR SKYDIVING and click here to explore OUTDOOR SKYDIVING!

 Super Woman/Man

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No my darlings, it’s – SUPER YOU! The next stop on the “Things to do in San Francisco SKY LIST” is one that I doubt the Urban Backpacker will ever accomplish. There simply is not a place in my ole’ brain matter that could possibly dream up (being thrown or released anywhere), that would provide me that “pleasure-palace-warm-fuzzy-fun-feeling.” I will however, indulge you thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies out there, with the choice to add this event to your very own bucket list. Click here for the link to BUNGEE JUMPING! All I can say is – BOING! BOING! BOING!

Sail Away

The Urban Backpacker (almost), parasailed while living on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It’s an “almost,” because I happily, gladly, and thankfully gave up my sailing spot to a visiting pal from the mainland. I say “almost,” because the visiting pal saved me from a bathing suit blunder, and a slobbery kiss from the bad ass boat driver. The SF glide ride link below will not begin on a boat… begins somewhere up high, perhaps like a cliff? Glide away big time – and click here for fantastic reviews on an Oxygen Paragliding tour! And Click here to read the difference between Paragliding versus Parasailing. One more gliding sailing adventure – click here for Big Air Hang Gliding!

 More Flight – Things to do in San Francisco and Beyond

A few more flight websites to try: If you are lucky enough to be in the KNOW, you can hitch a ride with the GOOD folks at Goodyear Blimp. Click here to see Goodyear Blimps and their history. And you MUST ABSOLUTELY click here for an amazing voyage into space and a look at rockets and spacecraft at SpaceX and read about the Zeppelin Tours (click here) in Germany (because Zeppelin Tours in San Francisco closed it’s doors in 2013).

And last, but not least, I could not resist the flight top off  with a “Flight Test” ride on the Goodyear Blimp! ENJOY!


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