Travel Wish List 2014 “Year of the Backpack”

Travel Wish List 2014 Year of the Backpack by Urban BackpackerThe Life Wish List 2014 “Make it Happen” was created a few blog posts ago, and now it is time to create my Travel Wish List for 2014! Can I have a drum roll please? This special travel list will be created at the beginning of every year. Who knows if I will get around to writing it in January or February – this is my “proposed” target scheduling and listing season. I will be checking these points of interest OFF the travel wish list by the following new year. If they aren’t checked off for some crazy life event reason, they will be moved to next years list. In the long run, the Travel Wish List (when checked off) will provide you readers (at the very least) a few new travel ideas, some cool photos, helpful links, and some good grub, while enticing the travel junkie in all of you! Travel on my friends, life is an adventure!

Year of the BACKPACK

This year will be the year I scoop my 23 year old son out of his restaurant life, and introduce him to backpacking Europe. I have the need to learn how to carry my own life stuff, (in limited quantities) on my back for three weeks. My friends think I am crazy. My partner laughs at the thought of me staying in hostels and double minus budget hotels at my age. Why on earth would I do this trip after having a hip replacement last year? Why do I need to? Why do I want to?

Truth be told, I am not even sure I can actually DO three weeks with a pack on my back, and travel with my own tall man cub in tow for three weeks. I am not sure my hips can take it. I am not sure my son can take it. In all reality, I am not sure my son can put up with his “Mountain Momma” for three weeks while scouring and scrounging around in foreign lands. We MUST plan this trip before he is married and starts having babies. It is a “MUST DO” and a “HAVE TO” on the Travel Wish List for 2014.

Everyone needs something to live for, someone or something to love, and something to look forward to. This is ” The Year of the BACKPACK” for the Urban Backpacker.

Travel Wish List 2014

1. Travel to Europe (with partner’s work) to Amsterdam and The Hague. Possible quick flight to Italy to see daughter?

2. Moving permanently, and traveling from the 40th floor in downtown San Francisco, (a big city gal), to a petite pinot noir vineyard mountain house surrounded by redwood trees, mountain lions, olive and lemon trees, whilst reinventing myself into a “MOUNTAIN MOMMA.”

3. Washington DC. Best Tapas Restaurants and Art Galleries visit.

4. Portland Oregon in June for a special graduation – you know who you are.

5. Hawaii – any island, sometime during the year. Just might spend Thanksgiving there?

6. New York. New York. New York. Just because I love it. Just because I have a free hotel. Just because I will go back to the The Frick Collection. Will visit a few times before the end of the year.

7. Portland in September to Children’s Cancer Association Hero Gala event.

8. Backpack Europe/Italy with son sometime in September or October.

9. Greece with partner possibly before or after backpack trip with son.

10. To India with partner on a work trip end of year.

11. A week cruising Santa Cruz, CA for restaurants, best spas, hotels. Budget and not so budget.

****The EXTRA ULTRA Travel Wish List (dreaming it up), so ridiculous, to even think I could possibly fit any more travel in: Barbados, London, Mexico, Costa Rica, Maldives, Turks and Caicos, Australia and a bare-boat sailing trip with new friends in the Virgin Islands.







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