Una Hotel Modena – FANTASTICO!

Una Hotel Modena by Rochelle CarrUrban Backpacker’s Favorite Customer Service – Una Hotel Modena:

Una Hotel Modena boasts budget gem pricing and offers superior five star customer service! Incredible place for families, business, conventions, and road trip travel.

We happened into Una Hotel Modena from pure exhaustion and night time rental car navigation blunder. It was proving to be an even longer night on the road trip from Zurich to Italy as we searched frantically for a hotel at 11:15pmish at night. From the first minute I called, to the minute we checked out the next day, this hotel will remain in my top ten hotels for fabulous customer service!

The gentleman at the front desk provided me a new address to plug into my GPS right away, as he said the one on the website would not work as well. He remained on the phone with me until it was plugged in correctly! I adore him for helping me with the navigation so late at night! SO kind! We made it safely to the hotel presto-pronto-no-problemo. They kept the bar open a few minutes later, so we could have a quick panini, some water, and a glass of wine in the bar before midnight. At midnight, the restaurant bar guys were on point with smiles and concern and excellent service care. BIG PLUS in my book.

The Una Hotel Modena hotel is a contemporary “Disneyland on the eyes” for the adult crowd. I am a fine artist, I appreciate color. Big bright bold colors are my favorite! At 11:30pm at night you might or might not appreciate the beautiful combination of colors in the lobby. I think the lavish color and design sense this hotel brand discovered is purely – FANTASTICO! Don’t be nervous (about the colors) heading up to your room, they are finished nicely in browns and chrome and whites.

The beds are comfy and firm with pristine and clean interiors. I had forgotten to ask about the room rate (I was so tired the night before), and it turned out to be a surprising “hidden budget gem” price for us at EU 115.00 per night taxes not included (the price fluctuates in the different seasons) including a grandiose breakfast (if you care to enjoy) – pure FANTASTICO!

The next morning the woman at the front desk was so very helpful and kind. She provided us three different tours in Modena you will find here. I cannot stress enough the exemplary customer service this hotel represented from start to finish. Even today, (four days later) I am looking for the Una Hotel in Florence after staying four days at a not-so-five-star waterfront hotel on the Amalfi coast.

Perfect place to stay for business or group meetings (this is the land of the Official Ferrari Museum), perfect for family (small playground right across street), or stay here while sightseeing in the lovely Modena countryside.

Una Hotel Modena – PURE Fantastico!




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